Brochure Self Mailer

Brochures and Newsletter Brochures are a great way to connect with customers by bringing your brand's story to life and presenting your products and services. You can get professional results without being an expert designer – just pick one of our templates (or upload your own) and add your information.

Here are some tips to help your folded brochure hit home:

  • Create some curiosity. The front cover needs to persuade the reader to look inside. Less is more here – use  clear,concise language to convey the key features and benefits of your business
  • Use headlines. This lets readers scan your brochure quickly. Benefit-driven headlines are recommended – describe how your product or service will improve their life
  • Address the reader as "you". This is much more personable and engaging than the impersonal "customers"
  • Include a call to action. Should the reader visit your website or call you directly? Tell them clearly what the next step will be
  • Create urgency! Include time-limited discounts and phrases such as "call now" or  "order today" to  urge the  reader to act