EDDM Postcards

EDDM & Mailing was created in 2008 by the USPS. Every Door Direct Mail offers business owners the ability to send direct mail pieces without having to purchase a mailing list. Business owners can take their mailing to the local post office where the postal carrier will deliver the mail to every stop along their daily route. Contact us to learn more about our EDDM Services.

Advantages of EDDM

  • You don't need an expensive list, a costly postage permit, and you can target every single door in your neighborhood
  • With Postage is less than 18¢ per postcard, it gives small businesses the chance to promote their products and services at a lower cost
  • No mailing addresses are necessary
  • EDDM is available to all companies and organizations who want to distribute promotions to the households and businesses in each carrier route
  • EDDM is particularly useful for food or retail businesses that desire more local business.


Printing 3 - 5 Business Days | Expedited Service 2 - 3 Days!